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Galaxy of the Stars - Circle of Life {Feb. 2023}

Galaxy of the Stars - Circle of Life {Feb. 2023}

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A 2-day LIVE online educational symposium that you can attend in your slippers! The courses highlight unique techniques and approaches to working in hypnosis. Each quadrant is taught by seasoned educators who, collectively represent decades of experience in the profession! You’ll want to register early to reserve your place. ‘Virtually’ everyone will be there!

14 hours of essential hypnosis education for one low price!

This is a LIVE event and all participants will receive a digital download of the recordings for their personal hypnosis library!


Hypnosis is needed today more than ever in the "fertility crisis" we are facing. IVF and a whole lot of artificial reproduction techniques have evolved into a pricy industry that is looking for faults, and negatives, driving couples into the belief that they are defunct, faulty and too old... and media plays its part too. Couples; women especially need support, ease of mind that runs relentlessly over Lab results and cycle monitoring and the invitation of the mind to think differently. After all, we are mammals, geared for reproduction. Let us use Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to reconnect them to the knowledge that they can be fertile, that´s what nature intended them to be. I will address the limitations and how Hypnotherapy can work alongside with ART (Artificial Reproduction Techniques), especially in women who are well past their 40’s birthday.   

In this class we’ll also address the good the bad the ugly of the so-called "HypnoBirthing" that in most cases does not contain any hypnosis at all. Why this is a disservice to women especially in todays technique-focused obstetrical environment with always a lawyer present alongside the Doctor. We need to put hypnosis back into HypnoBirthing and use hypnotic techniques to the benefit of the babies and mothers. I will also address postpartum depression and baby blues and how to prevent this. 

BIO: Dorothee is a board-certified Gynaecologist and Obstetrician who spent the first ten years of her professional life between the delivery room and operation theatre. Early interest in the human mind led her to write her PhD thesis about psychotherapy effectivity research and to work as an interpreter for Mind-Body-Medicine pioneers like Joan Borysenko before turning to hypnotherapy. Since 2005 she runs her private practice for Holistic Fertility Gynaecology in Germany.


Perception is reality. How nocebo effect is hurting adolescents’ health. Rewriting and circumventing the negative impact of the nocebo effect on adolescents’ behavioral, mental, and physical health using the power of positive hypnotic suggestion and reframing with a specific focus on the impact of pandemic-related stress on teens. 

This workshop focuses on the negative impacts of stress sourced from the nocebo effect pertaining to society’s approach to dissemination of behavioral, mental, and physical health information and education, and how clinical hypnotherapy has been shown to be an effective mind–body modality for adolescents with behavioral, mental, and physical complaints.

Hypnotherapy promotes the cultivation of imagination, decreases, or eliminates undesirable symptoms, reframes limiting beliefs and negative mindset about situations and stressors, and builds positive expectations and motivation for success. It also re-enforces control over the reaction to problems/situations. It strengthens the concept/belief in the ability of the mind and body to work together to create desirable changes in behavior/outcome whilst also allowing the adolescent to gain a sense of autonomy and control. An integrative hypnotic approach increases self-esteem and competence and reduces stress, helping them manage their physical and emotional well-being. When we change how adolescents understand and view themselves, we help them actualize their potential for growth, connection, and happiness.

Lecture including Presentation of Contextual Hypnotherapy Research/Discussion/Demonstration/Practice/Q&A

BIO: Carla is an award-winning, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with 12+ years of experience in her private practice, Hemisphere Hypnotherapy. Carla triple-majored in Psychology, Sociology, and English, completed graduate-level clinical psychology courses at Harvard University with honors; and is an IACT Certified Master Trainer, Integrative Life Coach, and certified trainer with the NGH and ICBCH. Inspired by her grandfather’s use of hypnotherapy, adjunct to his dentistry practice, Carla brings extensive personal experience, passion, and expertise.

Science has demonstrated that the traumatic experiences of ancestors can be inherited by descendants and negatively impact future generations. The root of client challenges, whether its anxiety, depression, phobias, chronic pain, or obsessive thoughts, may not be based in their own life experience. This workshop will provide information to help your clients identify and release traumatic generational legacies and break free of unwarranted inheritances so they can have their own life experiences of health, balance, and vitality. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to detect inherited trauma, as well as actionable protocols they can utilize.
BIO: Suzy is a Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapist, IACT Certified Master Trainer, Hypnotherapy Instructor at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Certified Specialist in Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives Regression, Master Hypnotic Coach, Author, and Public Speaker. Based in Oregon, she works both in-person & virtually.

HYPNOSIS AT END OF LIFE with Lisa Sigsworth

This workshop will provide the hypnotist/hypnotherapist the tools necessary to provide advanced quality sessions to move your clients forward in the grief cycles. This workshop will review communication, ethics, end of life care and bereavement tools to add to your professional files. You will learn top rated communication, the ethics in working with dying clients and their families, the stages of grieving and loss and how to navigate bereavement. It is a must have seminar for all hypnotist and hypnotherapist.

BIO: Lisa is a Registered nurse hypnotist with a background in hospice, bereavement and end of life palliative care for over 30 years. She is an author of the book Crossing Over: Your Guide to Dying with Dignity. She is a requested speaker in End of Life Care for hypnotists and also for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and Louisiana/Mississippi Hospice Organizations. She is a registered instructor for End of Life Nursing Education Consortium thru the City of Hope.


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