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Galaxy of the Stars - The Big Four {Sept. 2023} Recordings

Galaxy of the Stars - The Big Four {Sept. 2023} Recordings

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Hypnotic Weight Loss and the Metabolic Revolution

Joseph Onesta | Saturday 10AM - 1:30 PM EST 

For half a century we have been told to eat less and exercise more and yet, the rates of obesity and the health risks that come with metabolic disease are rampant in our society. Achieving and keeping a healthy weight have little to nothing to do with calories or how much time people spend working out in a gym. In this enjoyable seminar, you will learn the key principles of metabolic science that lead to healthy weight loss and practice hypnotic techniques that encourage the lifestyle change that helps clients establish a “new normal” at their target weight. 

BIO: Joseph Onesta is a clinical hypnotist and author from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He specializes in helping clients reverse type-2 diabetes and lose weight. His certifications include the International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association (IMDHA), and the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICBCH) where he is also certified as an instructor. He is the author of The Hypnotist’s Guide to Diabetes and Obesity and the companion client handbooks, Life Without Diabetes and Life Without Obesity.   


Phoenix Freedom Smoking Cessation Program

Michael Watson | Saturday 2 - 5:30 PM EST 

Learn this two-session protocol to help your clients stop smoking for good. Originally developed in the 1980s and honed to perfection over the past 40 years, this highly successful proprietary approach has been used to help countless people overcome the smoking habit. Based on principles and methods from CBT, NLP and Hypnotherapy you can use this approach with individuals or groups, in-person or online. Works with vaping and chewing tobacco as well. Training includes the complete outline of the process, scripts, and the forms you will use with your client to help them break free once and for all. 

BIO: Michael Watson is the Principal Trainer for IACT and a diplomat of IMDHA.  He’s been in professional practice for over four decades.  A Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, he has been involved in that community since its inception. Since 2017, as the Virtual Hypnotist, he’s trained hundreds of therapists to take their practice online and has produced numerous online events, courses, and conferences.  He is the creator and (with Karen Hand) co-host of the Virtual Chapter – a monthly online community of hypnotists and other change workers. 


How to Work with Pain

Barry Neale | Sunday 10AM - 1:30 PM EST 

In this powerful course you are going to learn what I consider to be the Top 5 methods of helping people with pain using hypnosis. Although there are many methods for helping people in pain there are 5 methods that I use over and over again to get consistent and lasting results with my clients…. And this is what I am going to be teaching in this course.   You will learn 5 Powerful methods to help people in pain.   You will learn how to help someone in acute pain in an emergency situation.   You will learn how to help people with Migraines…. Even if they are having one in your office   You will learn how to create anesthesia in any part of the body. This can be a real reputation builder because you can connect with local tattoo artists to offer “pain free tattoos” 

BIO: Barry Neale has been studying hypnosis for over 40 years and has been a NLP Trainer for over 28 years. He has trained students all over the world in hypnosis and NLP and also still runs a thriving practice in the UK. 


Rapid Release from Anxiety

Dan Candell | Sunday 2 - 5:30 PM EST 

Dan's Rapid Relief from Anxiety Training is unlike any other you've attended. In this abbreviated class, Dan will teach you his Rapid Relief Anxiety Framework, five rapid relief strategies that you can use with any client, and his content creation strategy that he has used to get over 400,000 followers on social media to grow his practice and his programs. You can use Rapid Relief strategies with individual clients AND groups. These are ways of working with clients that go above and beyond “typical” hypnotic strategies.   Rapid Relief combines strategies from hypnosis, energy psychology, psycho-sensory therapy, thought field therapy, and psycho-somatic healing. Your clients will feel like you have a magic wand that can help them clear out those unwanted beliefs, anxiety, and mental garbage that they have been carrying around for so long. 

BIO: Known as “The Anxiety Relief Guy,” Dan travels the world teaching people to release anxiety quickly and gain confidence on demand. Dan is also a multi-award-winning hypnotist, author, podcast host and speaker.  Dan travels the world speaking, presenting and also performs his comedy hypnosis shows for groups of hundreds of people at a time. He also works with clients both individually and in groups online/offline. Clients and people who attend his programs are often AMAZED at how quickly Dan helps them break free from anxiety, obstacles, worry, doubt and fear to create a high performing life. Dan can take a chronic worrier who is crippled with anxiety and within just a few hours, teach them how to break free from those limitations and embrace their inner superhero! Dan also has built a million-dollar business with online personal and professional development programs. His videos and podcasts get millions of views and help hundreds of thousands of people around the world.   

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