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Hypnosis and YOU! | A Perfect Partnership DVD

Hypnosis and YOU! | A Perfect Partnership DVD

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This State-of-the-Art documentary-style program, is designed to introduce Hypnosis and YOU to the community, to acquaint viewers with the benefits of Hypnosis and better understand how it can be applied to enhance lives.

Use it to: Introduce Hypnosis to the Health Care Community, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Body Workers & more...

Use it for: Meetings, Talks, Demonstrations, Waiting Rooms, Corporations.

Present Members with a Professional Image & Impart Hypnosis Information Accurately.

Topics Include:

  • Brief History
  • Medical Applications
  • Hypnosis in Sports
  • Business Overview
  • Celebrity Testimonials
  • and much more!
  • DVD (mp4) Format; Playing Time: 32 minutes
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