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Successful Tips for Your Hypnosis Business | Workshop (C. Elman)

Successful Tips for Your Hypnosis Business | Workshop (C. Elman)

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Whether you are newly certified and ready to open your first office, or you have been doing hypnosis for years, this presentation is for you. I participated in the founding development group of the Hypnosis Business Coaching: Home Study Course, and had the opportunity to work with John Weir. This presentation is based on one of its resource guides and includes aspects of marketing including internet, community and corporate presentations, the power of the Press Release, getting referrals, and additional key ingredients for success. Attendees will gain a minimum of 11 techniques and ideas in a comprehensive outlined format to implement and expand their hypnosis business and practice. Even seasoned participants in Australia, after this presentation, claimed that there were so many new points, ideas that stimulated new thoughts and avenues, plus reintroduction to techniques they had just forgotten.

Available as a digital download only; mp3 (audio).

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