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The Ultimate Hypnotic Sales Funnel | Lecture (J. Linett)

The Ultimate Hypnotic Sales Funnel | Lecture (J. Linett)

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Hypnosis is perhaps the most empowering form of personal change, and we as hypnotists needs a mind-shift on how to grow and improve our businesses. Join Jason for this brief, inspirational presentation which will introduce a mindset-adjustment that is guaranteed to make you think bigger about hypnosis and discover more profitable no-cost to low-cost strategies to make your phone ring and your bank account grow. These methods are designed to provide even more value to your hypnosis clients, so the success is shared with your clients as they receive an even more valuable experience! The most important benefit of this program is inspiring the modern-day hypnotist to think bigger about their hypnosis business and provide more value to their clients.

Available as a digital download only; mp3 (audio).

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